The Most Innovative Treatment: One Doc 4 Steps Pico Facial

Unlike most laser treatments that require consistent weekly visit to deliver results, One Doc Medical’s Pico Laser will have your skin rid of scars and blemishes in just three or four visits!

One Doc Pico Laser is the newest and most effective form of laser treatment in the market and it’s designed to treat pigmentation and perform scar correction and skin rejuvenation. Using picosecond laser technology, it delivers ultra-short bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second. In other words, instead of using heat as previous generations of lasers did — and potentially causing damage to the skin — it impacts the targeted layer of skin like a shockwave. We’re loving the fact there is little to no downtime for recovery with this laser treatment and is almost pain free — all you feel is a slight tingle on the face, but this experience may vary depending on pain tolerance.

The One Doc Medical One Doc Pico Laser is priced at RM1500 and is available at all One Doc Medical outlets. For more information, visit their Facebook and Instagram.

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