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We take pride in all our treatments, facials and products because they were carefully crafted by doctors specialised in medical aesthetics. Our philosophy is simple: to help everyone on their journey to achieve clearer, radiant and youthful skin.

  • Safe & Effective
  • Endorsed by Doctors
  • Zero Downtime
  • Visible Result

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Pico Laser

Pico Laser

Acne Scars

Acne Scars

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The World’s MOST ADVANCED Pico Laser – Sign Up Now!
The World’s MOST ADVANCED Pico Laser – Sign Up Now!
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  • 2 Years Anniversary Promotion

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  • Tv Host, Erafm Weekend Announcer – Zooey
    I extremely love One Doc because they are not only affordable but they are also friendly. I always feel like home whenever I drop by! So, do visit One Doc guys!
    Tv Host, Erafm Weekend Announcer – Zooey
  • Amoura’s Lead Vocalist – Carol Park

    My face still feels smooth and flawless even if is after three days of treatment. I feel like I am having my purest skin back.

    Amoura’s Lead Vocalist – Carol Park
  • Singer, Songwriter – Talitha
    This is one of the most painless facial ever! This place is amazing!
    Singer, Songwriter – Talitha
  • Model, Actress – Anness Sofea
    I see obvious results. It is safe and effective for acne prone skin. I love it!
    Model, Actress – Anness Sofea
  • Monica Tindall
    Best Facial In KL – http://theyumlist.net/en/2017/07/best-facial-in-kl.html
    Monica Tindall
  • Mei Hooi Chen
    爱美的你绝对要看这篇! – http://mei2fm.blogspot.my/2017/08/one-doc-medical-laser-aesthetic.html
    Mei Hooi Chen
  • Linda Yee
    After this 4 Step Signature Medical Facial, I felt my face was smoother and brighter with smaller pores. – http://yeelinda.blogspot.my/search?q=one+doc
    Linda Yee
  • Emily Shirlay
    Just done the carbon peel and medical laser. Good service by patience and nice doctor. The doctor explained the treatment in very detail. Staff also very helpful. They did not push me into buying any of their packages or products. Highly recommend it to friends and family. Keep up the good work, ONE DOC!
    Emily Shirlay
  • 苏家荣
    我要真心的感谢,令我恢复信心,快乐,六十岁的我,又可像年轻人一样打扮,让我在进入老年的曰子,充满希望。虽然疗程还未完,但我有一百巴仙信心,到作完後会有更惊喜的境界。多谢。Dr CHIN, Dr ONG。
  • Victoria Tan Shir Nee
    Having a good experience in ONE DOC clinic. Comfortable environment with professional Doctor and not forgetting the nice and friendly staff.
    Victoria Tan Shir Nee
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