Do you feel you’ve tried just about everything to get rid of your acne but still see blemishes? Don’t despair. We have are here to help make the acne disappear.

Your skin type, acne severity and amount of affected areas are factored to customise the most effective acne treatment. This is because there are various reasons that cause acne and it differs for each individual even if they were all caused by overproduction of sebum in the pores.

Acne is a symptom of a bacterial infection caused by clogged, oily pores. Inflammation sets in and causes the red bump because of thriving bacteria. Other factors that aggravate this chronic inflammatory condition is stress, hormones, occlusion and cosmetic products that contain allergens.

When you suffer from multiple painful red spots, yellow pustules as well as acne cysts around the jawline and back, you are suffering from severe acne.


What is acne and its impacts on health?

Almost 80% of individuals suffer from acne, a common chronic skin condition in their lives, especially during their adolescent and young adult phases. It is known that 20% of severe acne sufferers have permanent acne scarring and mental illnesses. Depression is a reported symptom by mild acne sufferers, alongside with suicidal thoughts. The number doubles for severe acne sufferers. It stems from the fear of not being attractive by other people, leading to detachment from society, socially then from self.

The causation of acne is the basis of acne treatment, but the mental consequences of acne cannot be ignored. The fear of not being good enough, not looking good enough and how other people perceive the individual leads to detachment from society, detachment from friends and detachment from self.

Thankfully, there are multiple formulations to clear acne that caters to a different individual, lifestyle and need.

What is acne and its impacts on health?

Myths about acne.

There are misconceptions spread by multiple parties about the causes for acne. These myths are:

  • Only teenagers are affected
  • 'Popping' heals it quicker
  • Fast and oily food causing acne
  • Bad hygiene habits
  • Sun tanning as a solution
The best acne treatment for you.

One Doc is equipped to deal with all forms of acne, from Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris, Cystic Acne, Comedonal Acne (Blackheads and Whiteheads), Acne red marks, Acne Pigmentation and Acne scars.

An effective treatment is customised for the individual according to the acne severity. A simple consultation with One Doc staff can determine its causes, triggering and aggravating factors. All of One Doc Medical's treatments are medically proven, formulated by doctors.

One Doc Medical believes in affordable, simple and effective skincare programs to rejuvenate skin and provide advice to maintain the results from our centre.

The most productive acne laser treatment is customised to the individual, depending on what type of acne you have. The consultation aims to determine what causes acne, the triggering and perpetuating factors. The clinic uses a variety of effective & medically proven acne treatment.

As a common skin condition, its effects on mental health and social activity cannot be denied. Acne treatments are meant to reduce the mental stress faced by the individual, and it works the best with early detection.

The best acne treatment for you

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