Using controlled,safe protocol by our accredited doctors, our treatments are very gentle and results in minimal or no downtime.

The top layer of dead skin will be physically thinner as all the deposit of dust, dirt, and debris are removed. It feels thinner because it is cleaner, less clogged and dead cells are removed. Functionally, the dermis-layer of the skin is thickened as the medical facial promotes collagen production and remodeling.

If you have any of following, you may not be suitable for our laser treatments.

  • Epilepsy or a history of fits/seizures in the past.
  • Hisotry of previous aesthetic hisotry that will incur photodynamic reaction
  • Gold thread-lift treatments
  • Tattoo whitening
  • Internal defibrillator or pace-maker
  • Pregnancy

It depends on your type of skin, problems and schedule. Better improvement if regular intensive sessions.

  • It depends of the problems you are facing, some of our clients see result even after one session with us.
  • But real improvement depends on the partnership between client and aesthetic teams.
  • Client co-operation by managing 4S(Sun, Stress, Sleep, Smoke) and 3H (Heat, Hormones, Humidity).
  • Client co-operation by using adequate and correct skin care products.